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Jul 29, 2019

With the Section 232 decision on uranium behind us… the uranium market’s fundamentals look strong. Primary supply cuts are taking hold… secondary supplies are receding… and commercial utility inventories are within normal levels. 

So why aren’t equity prices reflecting these fundamentals? Where’s...

Jul 22, 2019

As a short seller, I always enjoy looking at the mining sector. It’s a great place to find some overhyped bullsh*t.

To hear some mining executives tell it, they have THE PROJECT that will pave the way to riches for investors… 

If there’s a sector that requires due diligence and a skeptical eye, mining is it.  

Jul 15, 2019

After 18 months (that felt like dog years), President Trump finally ruled on the Section 232 petition on U.S. uranium imports. 

The president had wide latitude on his ruling… He could have chosen the Department of Commerce’s recommendations, come up with his own solution, or opted to do nothing at all. 


Jul 9, 2019

Energy isn’t merely an ingredient in economic growth—it’s the ingredient that makes growth possible.

And at the center of the energy sector, geopolitics is a driving force—determining how and why the industry functions.

Today, I explain why it’s critical for investors in the energy sector to understand the...